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I absolutely love Affinity Photo, but I can remember my frustration the first time I opened this program. My frustration came from knowing this software has incredible potential, but I had no idea how to unlock its hidden powers.

Now two years later, I've taken everything I've learned about Affinity Photo and put all of the best information for beginners into one course.

After enrolling in this course, your feelings of frustration will be turned into success. You will learn how to harness this amazing software's full capabilities.

This course will start with the basic elements of photo editing, and then progress to Affinity's most powerful tools. This course is designed for beginners to Affinity Photo, so you don't need to worry if you are brand new to this program.

After enrolling in this course, you have lifetime access to 100+ tutorials, all perfectly tailored to turn beginners into photo editing champions.

Are you ready to master Affinity Photo?

What are others saying about Affinity Revolution tutorials?

Beverley Brown

I have just completed both of your courses on Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer and I have to say they are the best online courses I have ever taken! I learnt so much and I cannot thank you enough for your amazing clear way of teaching - it is a gift for sure. Ezra - you are a star!

I highly recommend this man's Affinity courses. They are worth way more than they cost. The skills and techniques you'll learn are fantastic and easy to remember thanks to the teaching methods of the tutor.

Rick Grunwald
I love your tutorials. You have mastered the art of getting enough detail in for a beginner without bogging it down into a 20 minute ordeal. If anyone needs to learn from the ground up, your courses are the best out there!

Rockin' Out With
Wow. Everyone needs an Ezra in their home! If only every tutor/teacher explained things so simply and easily as you, life would be so easy! You're a joy to watch!

I’m so glad I found your course, and I cannot emphasize enough how helpful it is! Thank you so much for all the effort you put into it!

Louise Vincent
You are always to the point, clear, easy to follow, and give explanations for why we do what. Superb!

Joseph Tedeschi
I'm new to Affinity and I purchased the course put out by Ezra. It's fantastic, loaded with info and very well done. If you're a new to Affinity, like me, you can't go wrong making the purchase.

Shane Tierney
Thank you for putting something quite complicated into plain English!

Christoapher Campbelll
Ezra, you are awesome dude! Thank you for all you're doing to help the community and me specifically! You have even helped my business grow and become something that I can be proud of! You are awesome!


Your Instructor

Ezra Anderson
Ezra Anderson
Hi there! I'm Ezra Anderson, and I'm the founder of Affinity Revolution. I used to be a big fan of Adobe, but once they switched to their software rental system, I knew it was time to look for alternatives.

Over the past 2 years, I have taught 100's of Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer tutorials. I have also taught software classes in person, and graduated with a degree in Education. I have a passion for teaching, and a love for Affinity. I can't wait to share my knowledge with you!

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Still need more convincing?

Piano Finger

All of your videos have helped me to take my photography to another level. I have in turn sent a lot of other photographers to your page. I am truly grateful.

Lome Roger
I purchased Affinity Photo but never used it because it was a little too complicated. The tutorials I’ve seen on YouTube seem to be addressed to people who already work with Photoshop... Your videos help me understand and work with this app in a much easier way. Thank you so much! Great manners, great vocabulary, great voice, great speed. Awesome work!

Melissa Kalson
Thanks so much for clear and concise instructions. I'm new to Affinity but not to photo editing, and yet this has been the clearest and most understandable tutorial I've seen in almost 20 years of photo editing.

Daniel Craig
I greatly appreciate your tutorials. Your pace and delivery is perfect for learning. Your choices in the editing process are also spot on. I am choosing to watch and study all of your tutorials this summer to learn as much as can about Affinity. Thanks for your dedication to learning.

You sir, are an Affinity god!

Алексей Ардалин
You blow my mind with your gifted tutorials and positive energy!

I always look forward to your next tutorial. My creativity has improved by leaps and bounds.

Charles Ray
I am enrolled in your Affinity Photo course. You are a great teacher! Your future students have a winner!!

RJC De Guzman
Very few people have a wonderful gift for teaching. You are one of those. Thank you very much.

The Sauce
Learning an editing software can be very intimidating for most beginners, but you make it seem so simple.

Joe Malham
As a newbie to Affinity, I can’t thank you enough for your tutorials.

Marino Baruffa
Your tutorials are always complete and precise. Affinity Photo is great on its own, but with your tutorials it becomes extraordinary!

Suntory WhiSky
This is the best place for learning how to use Affinity. Thank you very much!

Pierrot Boutoun
Such great tutorials! Keep up the great work! As an amateur photographer, these tutorials help me to explore new worlds of creativity!

Graham Turnbull
You anticipate questions the viewer is thinking at virtually every turn. Thanks a million, Ezra.

Your tutorials are always very well explained. Keep up the professional work!

Rick Grunwald
The second best thing I have done (right behind buying Affinity Photo) was to buy Ezra's courses.

Tim Hedrick
You have the BEST Affinity tutorials!!

Rockin' Out With
You're a wonderful tutor! You make everything so easy with straightforward and clear explanations without the need for unnecessary words or terminology for us beginners! Thank you!

Gloria Spasov
Ezra, your way of explaining step-by-step is so easy to follow. Everybody can be a professional editor with your guide.

Brian Leary
Thanks for your hard work. Please keep going, as your channel is the 'Go to Site' for Affinity tutorials.

Zachray Braunlin
Wow! Thank your for sharing this knowledge. I appreciate how clear you speak. I also thank you for the way you repeat new tools and concepts - making sure we don't miss anything. I now feel more confident in Affinity.

Philip Parker
Love your tutorials man. You've helped me so much!

Luis Padilla
Ezra, you've got the talent for teaching. Great tutorials!

Alexandre Desroches
You're an extremely good teacher.

Your videos inspire me. You do a great thing!

Jim Rucker
I love your tutorials and how you explain each thing completely. Keep up the great work!

The Investigators
I love your videos. I love working with my photos now! It is so much fun. You are a really easy to understand teacher.

Nguyễn Hữu Phong
I am really bad at listening English, but I could totally clearly listen to every word you said. Thank you for making the world better.

Miloš Mičátek
I really love your tutorials. They are short but contain a lot of useful information!

Hana Berková
Thank you Ezra. Thanks to your tutorials I have already made big progress in Affinity. They are very understandable and illustrative.

I don't think I've ever come across a more clear and well-spoken tutorial video!

Siobhan Parker
One of the best Affinity training videos I have come across - thank you.

Eva Skovrup Jensen
I'm an 'old' lady from Denmark, but I understand all you say, because you are talking clear and at a leisurely pace! I look forward to seeing the rest of your videos!

Daniel R.
I enrolled in your course and absolutely love it! You have a gift for teaching.

Lee Lee
Best tutorial ever! Your tutorials are very simple and straight to the point, it is so easy to learn.

Moja Szerokosc
Ezra is the best when it comes to tutorials.

Stephen Meyers
Your tutorials from your paid courses are very good. Keep up the great work!

Robbin Kelly
Thank you for all your videos. They are excellent and easy to follow.

BC Grant
Wow! I am so glad I found you. Your teaching style is so easy to understand.

Charlie Wilson
My man, I love your tutorials.

Perfect Videos
Ezra, thank you for teaching me so much.

Blastoise Brothers
I love all your videos! I am new to photography and your videos have been a tremendous help!

Ernest Joyner
Very, very good tutorial - clearly spoken and well thought through.

Michael Hernandez
Dude, you're the best and your explanations are top notch.

The Kameleon
I love your way explaining!

Catherine Lindsay
Your tutorials are excellent Ezra. Thank you!

Marissa Shahan
Your tutorials are amazingly done and easy to follow.

Marco Di Mario
You are one of the best teachers for beginners. You are very talented.

Caryn Wakelin
Thank you so much for your clear and easy to follow tutorials. I have been binge-watching them for a few days.

Mona Le Fae
Ezraaaaaa. You’re the best! Your tutorials are keeping me going!!!

Vinay Shah
Wonderful teacher, clear and to the point instructions.

Alicen Wonderland
Thank you for your videos. I have your course and it has taught me so much more than the book.

I love your videos man! You have taught me a lot! Thanks so much for your teaching!

You make me love Affinity more and more, thank you!

I smile every time I see your videos!

Lilliee Smith
Ezra, you are a great instructor. I am so glad you are not other instructors who are just all over the place. You are concise and sure of your instruction. Keep of the great work.

Family Man
I purchased your course. Well worth it!! So much info in short (less than 3 minutes) bites!!!

Awesome, I'm completely new to all photo editing, but you still make sense.

F.T. Gema
I like your tutorials for their straightness, no jabbering. You always get to the point. Thank you.

Bruno E. Santos
Very well done and explained. With your tutorials, I have learned and accomplished more in a week than in 10 years of using other software, videos, and books. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Andrew Denis
Thanks for all the great tutorials on Affinity. You have such a nice, positive approach, and fluid presentation style.

Louise Vincent
Wow Ezra! Your explanations are always clear, especially why to do a specific action. Often this is forgotten by other folks. Many thanks!

Maximilan Williams
Your tutorials are as simple as drinking water. Love it dude!

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of Affinity Photo does this course cover?
This course is perfect for those who are using Affinity Photo on a Mac or PC. We have a different course for the iPad version of Affinity Photo.
Do I need any prior knowledge to take this course?
No. This course assumes you are completely new to Affinity and photo editing. All you need is a copy of Affinity Photo, and a desire to learn. :-)
How long do I have access to this course?
Forever! You can watch any of these tutorials anywhere, anytime, from any device. You will also have access to free updates whenever new videos are added to the course.
Do I need my own images to practice with?
Don't worry, I'll give you access to all of the pictures that I use (over 50 photos!)
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I'm sure you will love the course! But if you are unhappy with your purchase for ANY reason, this course comes with 30 day money back guarantee.

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